Collection: Board Selection

We are currently booking boards, tables, boxes, and events for 2024. To secure your special event date, reach out to us through our contact us section or give us an email at

Welcome to our board selection. Whether you're planning a date night for two or a party for many, there is a board to meet your needs. Each of our boards offer a selection of perfectly curated artisanal cheeses and meats, a variety of seasonal fresh and dried fruits, fresh vegetables, cornishones, olives, chocolates, and nuts, as well as a selection of jam, honey, and mustard. 
In order to provide you with the freshest experience, all boards are served with a side of crackers.  

Ready to book? Fill out our contact form with your requested date, time, board/box/table selection, and any special requests and we will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm and finalize.